10 week initiative to design, build, test, tune and present a DC Motor Control System.  A National Instruments myDAQ was used in conjunction with LabVIEW to send a signal to a DC Motor.  I also ordered a 12 volt DC Motor with a built in encoder that I used to test the control system software.

I designed a Proportional–Integral–Derivative (PID) controller on LabVIEW in order to control and display the transient response of the motor.  Once I was able to get a response on the motor, I was able to tune the motor to optimize the control system to get a smooth response from certain inputs.  Once I finished tuning the motor, I was able to test the motor with a load attach to the end and compare the results to the unloaded system.

Project Details


Cal Poly Pomona - Class

Project Date:

March 7, 2017