I built a site for new coming members to sign up for Stay Smitten. Stay Smitten is a 2-part texting service that couples use to add more fun to their daily lives. The purpose of this website is to give a place for the new members to sign up and allow Stay Smitten to login to view all of the members that have signed up.

One thing I focused on was to tell a story to our users. The sign up page is the users first interaction with Stay Smitten so I wanted the users to feel at home and give them a better understanding of what they're signing up for.

Thank you page once you join.

I wanted the site to feel very lighthearted and fun! The user first lands on the page and sees a couple on hike. The woman in the picture is covering her partner's eyes in a playful manner. As soon as the user signs up, they are taken to a page where the other partner's eyes are now open and he is holding his partner in his arms.

Another thing that I focused on for this project is to make sure that accessing the data of the customers that signed up was secured, yet easily accessible for the business. I still wanted the business to feel like it was on brand, so when the administrator logs into the site the table starts loading up the love.

Table of users that joined Stay Smitten.

The data of course has to be easily accessible and able to manipulate. In order to achieve this I used PrimeReact to display the data. This table allows the user to search, sort , and download the data. The data is able to be exported to a CSV file if the administrator needs to manipulate or add to the data.

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Stay Smitten

Project Date:

November 20, 2019