Our group was challenged to develop an online, learning platform and our project manager decided to create a course that teaches people how to become a DnD Dungeon Master. Our team consists of our project manager and 3 software engineers. We use Agile and Scrum to work in two-week sprints. Each sprint, we rotate the role of the Scrum Master so that each of us gets experience managing the issues, Kanban board, and the rest of the team. 

Lists of Courses

We built this platform using the PERN Stack (PostgreSQL, Express, React, Node). The goal of this project is to develop a white-label learning platform so that we would be able to use our current structure for any type of course that a client may need. Our structure consists of a Path, courses, and lessons. The path is the main objective for your platform, which is split up into courses. Each course consists of a list of lessons that the users watch to learn about the subject.

Lesson Page

We are currently using videos from YouTube that align with our path. We are able to get data through the YouTube API so that we give credit to the content creators and our users are able to dig deeper if they want to.

Project Details

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Talent Path

Project Date:

November 11, 2019