Smart Grid Model GUI

For my senior project I helped a team of hardware engineers in operating and adding new functions to a Smart Grid model.  The Smart Grid models power consumption in a small town.  The Smart Grid is controlled via touch screen on a Raspberry Pi. Since I was the only computer engineer in a team of electrical engineers, I worked as the software lead for the Graphic User Interface (GUI) for

File Directory Model

Using Visual Studio C++, I created a File System using arrays to simulate a File Allocation Table (FAT) and a data array.  I used a file directory class that is able to create, read, write, update and delete files.  The class also had functions that would print the clusters, directory, and data.

DC Motor Control System

10 week initiative to design, build, test, tune and present a DC Motor Control System.  A National Instruments myDAQ was used in conjunction with LabVIEW to send a signal to a DC Motor.  I also ordered a 12 volt DC Motor with a built in encoder that I used to test the control system software. I designed a Proportional–Integral–Derivative (PID) controller on LabVIEW in order to control and display the transient

FPGA Roulette Game

This project involved the use of Nexys 4 DDR Artix-7 field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA) board to design a roulette game.  We used Xilinx Vivado software to program the FPGA to simulate a roulette game. We used different colored LEDs and set them up on the breadboard in a circle.  The user chooses a color using the FPGA board switches and then presses a button to play.  Once the game has started,

Towers of Hanoi

Using Visual Studio C++, I created a simulation of the game Towers of Hanoi. I used arrays of data to represent the towers and recursion to execute the algorithms to complete the puzzle.

Quadrangle Class Exercise

In Visual Studio C++, I used classes to define a shape with 4 points. I then created methods within the class to test what type of shape, calculate the area, and detecting other special cases.  Some of these methods included testing to see if the shape is a rhombus or a quadrilateral.  Throughout the process I created test cases to ensure code worked efficiently.