Stay Smitten Sign Up

I built a site for new coming members to sign up for Stay Smitten. Stay Smitten is a 2-part texting service that couples use to add more fun to their daily lives. The purpose of this website is to give a place for the new members to sign up and allow Stay Smitten to login to view all of the members that have signed up. One thing I focused on

Stonehaven Academy

Our group was challenged to develop an online, learning platform and our project manager decided to create a course that teaches people how to become a DnD Dungeon Master. Our team consists of our project manager and 3 software engineers. We use Agile and Scrum to work in two-week sprints. Each sprint, we rotate the role of the Scrum Master so that each of us gets experience managing the issues,


A two player interactive game that I made using Angular. I was given 4 days to create a small project on Angular. I decided to create a simple two player game of Tic Tac Toe. I aimed to keep a simple design that seemed intuitive and familiar. A lot of my coworkers love dark mode options on the things they use so I decided to add a toggle button that


Project Aura

I developed a full stack web application with a team of 6 software engineers. We used the MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, and Node) stack. This was my first project working with a larger group of people and it has been such a great learning experience. I am the proud product owner for our application, Aura. Our mission with Aura is to provide our users with businesses and locations to visit

The Frustration Game

I built this PWA Game with Cody Brand. We started off by brainstorming an idea for a game and decided we wanted to create a card-matching game that aims to frustrate the user. We achieve this by forcing our users to do randomly selected tasks in order flip over the cards, which includes: double-clicking, clicking once, mouse-over, and clicking letters on the keyboard. Another thing that we did while designing


Pokemon Team Builder

I created a Pokemon Team Builder application by utilizing the PokeAPI. This application was built with React and hosted on Netlify. The user can search for a Pokemon by name and the Pokemon will display in the Pokedex with its stats displayed. A user can then add the Pokemon to their team. Once a user adds a Pokemon to the team, that Pokemon is stored in a Google Firebase database.

Connect Four

I built an interactive Connect Four game using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Connect Four is a two player game where each player takes turns trying to connect four of their disks. Once a player wins, an alert notifies the players and the game can be reset. I also added a feature where the player can select the number of disks in a row you need to connect in order to

LED Matrix

Collaborative project with fellow students to design and manage a software project.  It was decided to implement both our software and hardware skills to design an 8×15 LED Grid.  The Matrix was designed to display user-defined animations in a loop.  An Arduino Uno micro-controller was used to store and translate a user’s animations to the matrix of LEDs by multiplexing signals to the grid. The project was primarily focused on

Pseudo-Node Attack on Smart Grid

For my senior project and throughout this Summer of 2018 I am working alongside with a team of software engineers, hackers, infrastructure system administrators and security analysts to implement a DoS attack on a Smart Grid.  The Smart Grid models the power consumption in a small town.  The Smart Grid is controlled via touch screen on a Raspberry Pi and is able to receive real-time data of the power consumption

Smart Grid Model GUI

For my senior project I helped a team of hardware engineers in operating and adding new functions to a Smart Grid model.  The Smart Grid models power consumption in a small town.  The Smart Grid is controlled via touch screen on a Raspberry Pi. Since I was the only computer engineer in a team of electrical engineers, I worked as the software lead for the Graphic User Interface (GUI) for