In my free time, I have been lucky enough to get to work with the owner of the Ukulele Store Hawaii, Tyler Gilman, helping to build and manage his business website and helping to lead his business's direction through technology. The website is handled through WordPress and I am working to improve the SEO as well as manage the products on the site. On the business side, I was able to create a SKU system to manage and track the inventory, price, details, etc. of the ukuleles sold both in-store and online.

In addition to my work with the Ukulele Store, I have also been learning about the business and have started diving into the world of ukuleles, their makers, and the history of Hawaiian music. My passion for tech and music is coming to fruition and I am able to create and grow through my work with the Ukulele Store. I am excited about the path ahead of me and excited to see how I am able to grow and give myself through this vessel.

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Project Date:

February 16, 2023