For my senior project and throughout this Summer of 2018 I am working alongside with a team of software engineers, hackers, infrastructure system administrators and security analysts to implement a DoS attack on a Smart Grid.  The Smart Grid models the power consumption in a small town.  The Smart Grid is controlled via touch screen on a Raspberry Pi and is able to receive real-time data of the power consumption on the grid.

Smart Grid Overview.

With our team, we are designing a way to implement a new DoS attack on the Smart Grid called a Pseudo-Node attack.  Our design utilizes two Raspberry Pi's connected via WiFi.

Our Attack Using Kali Linux.

On one the the Raspberry Pi's, we used Kali Linux in order to crack into the other Raspberry Pi to demonstrate the vulnerability of the data on the Raspberry Pi.

Detailed Pseudo-Node attack.

Project Details


Cal Poly Pomona - Senior Project

Project Date:

November 7, 2017